From Small Beginnings....

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Hi Everyone!

So this wiki/blog/info thing will be used to keep track of everything and develop our shared world together!

On the side bar you’ll see:

Adventure Log

This is useful for us to maintain recaps and make sure we document your awesome adventuring exploits


Here is where will be build a vast majority of the info for the world itself. Place, history, myths etc.


This is where all the information for the crazy people you encounter can be found. Each PC has an entry as well.


Eventually… this will be where we can find the map I hope to make. One day…

Every page is editable by everyone. So we can, in theory, all work together to develop things.
Certain Features (Forum and Calendar) only work for upgraded accounts which cost real-life money. If we ultimately decide we want these features… we can look into upgrading.

Hopefully this will be a fun way to create things and build a world together.


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