Adolphus Van Brandt

Captain of the Houseguard of House Gunther


A large, brutish looking man, Van Brandt is nearly always clad for war. He wears the colors of House Gunther, a creamy white, and bright blue, and a polished breastplate. He causally slings a greatsword over his shoulders.

He is a fair-skinned human male of about 40 years. His blonde hair cut short on the sides in a traditional manner worn by Weisslunder soldiers. He takes great pride in his mustache; it is always groomed and waxed to perfection.

The right side of his face marked by a deep scar that runs from forehead to cheek making his eye useless. He wears the scar proudly, viewing it as a badge of honor.


Adolphus is the son of a lessor noble from Southern Weisslund. His family has long been sworn bannermen to House Gunther. Leopold Von Gunther personally requested that Adolphus join his Houseguard after witnessing his martial prowess on the battle field during the Goblin Wars. When House Gunther relocated to Alma, Van Brandt took the journey with his lord.

Adolphus has been captain of the Gunther Houseguard, personal bodyguard, and military adviser to Count Leopold for nearly two decades. His tactics and skills were instrumental in House Gunther’s taking of Costa Desolate from the goblin hordes during the wars. When the Goblins re-emerged and overran most of the region, and sacking the city of Alma, Adolphus personally lead the Count to safety.

Adolphus Van Brandt

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