Gungi Ragnarson

Son of Ragnar, Curious Child


Gungi, son of Ragnar, son of Olaf is a human child. Gungi is small for his age, at least by Eidfellen standards, and slight of build. He is fair skinned like his father, and his head is topped with a mop of reddish brown hair.

Gungi is typically wearing a simple tunic, breeches and shoes. He is quick with hands, and clever. He loves helping his father in the forge, but so far hasn’t shown any aptitude for metalworking.


Gungi has seen much of the world in his mere eleven years of life. He and his father have travelled across Eidsfell, Weisslund, and The Trade Republic. Gungi’s mother was killed when he was just a baby. His father, Ragnar, wanted a peaceful life for his son, so he took the child and left home.

Gungi hopes one day to be a great hero and warrior, like his father Ragnar, and his father before him, and would jump at the chance to learn the trade of the warrior, in spite of the fact his father would rather he learn about metalworking.

Gungi Ragnarson

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